Poetry – It’s no good wishing – a poem that says get up and change it – make it good!

If you want a better world you have to make one; nobody else will do it for you. With every deed, action and thought you can change the world. You must strive. You must be ceaseless.

There is no superior force to even the score.

The selfish and greedy get bloated on the apathy of others. If you want to stop them exploiting everyone on the planet, wielding destruction and misery, you have to oppose what they are doing and make things better.

There’s a much better way of running this world.

It starts with us.

It’s No Good Wishing


It’s no good wishing

Cos life ain’t fair

It’s no good wishing

Wishing ain’t gonna get you there


It’s nice to dream

It’ll all work out fine

It’s nice to dream

It evens out in time


The bastards get theirs

And the victims come through

“Evil sickheads

It rebounds back on you”


It’s no good pretending

There’s a heaven up there

With some nice guy in a beard

Who’s gonna make it fair.


One day you’ll die

And it’ll all be alright

You get your rewards

They’ll get the shite


It’s no good fearing

You’ll get punished for wrong

On judgement day

The weak will be made strong


There’s a hell down below us

To even things out

Eternal pains and pleasures

All fairly dished about


It would be nice

If our karma rang true

You get what you deserve

It always comes through


But life ain’t like that

And neither is death

No evening up

No new life’s breath


When your heart stops beating

And your eyes no longer to see

You will feel nothing

You’ll just cease to be


No fires of redemption

No eternal life

No new battles to face

No love and no strife


When your eyes close

The universe fades

And it won’t even miss you

As you rot in your grave


So if you want justice

Or some better deal

You’ve got to make it happen

With all of your will


It’s no good wishing

Cos life ain’t fair

It’s no good wishing

Wishing won’t get you there


OPHER 20.9.96

5 thoughts on “Poetry – It’s no good wishing – a poem that says get up and change it – make it good!

  1. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:

    With the election coming up we have to get off our backsides to ensure the disgusting Tories don’t destroy our public services. There’s a cause worth fighting for.
    Protect our school!
    Protect the NHS!
    Protect our disabled and those in need!
    No more pay rises for the wealthy!
    There is something to fight for!

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