Poetry – Wishes – a poem of hope for a love that lasts a lifetime.


I wish you sunset skies

And golden dreams

Warm fires to cuddle by

Arms and lips

And love enough

To weather the roughest storms

I wish that you should know

When not to speak

And when to say sorry

And where to find the love you hid

For when the winter is harsh

And I wish that you

Should always feel

For each other

The way you do today.


Opher 13.6.97


I wrote this for some friends of mine who were getting married. Marriage is a time of great hope and optimism. With a head full of endorphins we set off down the road to the rest of our lives.

For some it is a journey that ends in separation. As the endorphins evaporate so does the love. We are biologically programmed to stay together for around seven years – long enough to raise children through the dangerous years.

But for many others of us the fading of endorphins in not an end. We develop something different that is based on a different love. We learn to love and cherish each other in a different way. It is not the heady feeling of being ‘in love’ but it is something even more worthwhile. That is what I wished for my friends.