Poetry – Flashes – A poem about the briefness of life.



Between the forceps and the soil

We have one brief flash

To illuminate the soul

With the note of a song

Surrounded by the ghosts

Of other flames

Frozen in time

A second long

Revealing glimpses

So short

That we gasp in wonder

And then


Opher 8.1.98


This was written with a view to explaining how little we see of the infinite universe in such brief a tiny life. No sooner have you understood your role and it is over. You never understood. There is so little time to achieve so little; what can only ever be so little. Yet if we all bring our note we can at least create a simple song.


This poem was completed after watching the video of Brian Epstein and seeing Brian and John and the frozen ghosts of the past. They were brief flames frozen in time, glimpsed across time, never known but none-the-less experienced. I would have liked to have met them. I would have liked to have found my note to bring to the song.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Flashes – A poem about the briefness of life.

  1. Great poem. Clean, simple, and crisp imagery. It felt good to the brain!

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