One third of the world starves; one third of the world is obese!

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I don’t want smaller divisions of countries, nations and blocs! I want bigger units.

I don’t want an independent Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I don’t want the United States or Russia to break up. I do not want Europe to break up.

I don’t care who makes the rules as long as the rules are fair.

I want bigger, not smaller! I want global policies.

The way we humans are running this planet is insane.

One third of the world starves while one third is obese. We have a world population explosion that is so out of control that it is threatening all the natural world and our own future. We have countries spending fortunes on better ways of frying other humans while the big issues are not being addressed and most of the world lives in poverty. We have pollution, logging, habitat destruction and the combustion of fossil fuels threatening the future of the planet and altering our climate. We have religious fanatics creating barbarous mayhem and claiming that God will solve it. We have wild animals being butchered for food and superstitious medical nonsense. We have inequality creating trillionaires while babies wither for lack of basic food and water.

The world is run on greed, selfishness, power and wealth.

The planet is finite.

If we let it continue like this we will destroy everything. The only hope is a world government who can tackle all these global issues and solve the problems.

I want bigger not smaller! I want the end of nations! I want a sensible way of running things with fairness, common sense and equality as its mandate.

I want us to mature and create a positive zeitgeist!

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