Poetry – Age – I’ve got some of it.

Wow! I wrote this back in 1997 when I was still really young. I’m positively ancient now but it still is just as true. The aches are just a little bigger. I still think if we try hard enough we can create a better zeitgeist and force a few crucial decisions. Those in charge do not give anything up easily. If we want to have a better world we have to fight for it. The chimps, gorillas, elephants, rhinos and all the others are worth fighting for! Our grandchildren deserve a clean world teeming with life – not a polluted, barren, overpopulated world of misery, poverty and violence.

We can still sing!


I’ve got bones that ache and a body that won’t play

A mind that forgets and a face that looks back at yesterday

I’ve lost my faith in spirits and I don’t believe in kings

But I’ve got a heart that’s willing and a mind that still sings


I’ll still shout for freedom and dream of peace and love

With hope that people can fit together like a hand into a glove

But I’ve tempered that with realism, limits and softer vision

If we do our bit for justice perhaps we can force a decision


Opher 1.11.97

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Age – I’ve got some of it.

    1. Thanks Andrew – good to hear from you! You give me heart! We should not endure but relish! It’s an amazing universe. We’re so lucky.
      We’ve just got to stop the selfish, greedy bastards fucking it up!

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