Has anybody else noticed that the stats on WordPress are rubbish?

I can’t quite work this out. On many occasions I am getting tens of ‘likes’ on a post but not a single view is registered.

I thought this was due to people just viewing the blog post and not visiting the site. But there are newcomers who are not yet followers who have registered ‘likes’ yet there are no views.

Is there an explanation?

It makes it very hard to appreciate the traffic passing through the site.

The other thing I have discovered is that many valid comments are being junked as spam. As I do not check spam regularly people are finding comments unregistered and unreplied to.

Very worrying!

4 thoughts on “Has anybody else noticed that the stats on WordPress are rubbish?

  1. I have been told that if someone likes your blog off of the Reader than it will not count towards your views, as they never actually click to visit your site.

    1. Thanks for that explanation. That makes sense. It gives a very distorted view that makes it difficult to judge what’s going on. I’ve have on occasion had lots of likes for an item and not a single view. It seems strange.

      1. Ya, was it a picture or an incredibly short post that could be read in the summary? That’s typically how that happens for certain posts. It is a bit frustrating, I agree!

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