The Nightmare that Education is becoming! the PISA tables – what a farce!

ed tests

Now that the Tories have latched on to the PISA tests as a level of achievement we are doomed.

The PISA tests are severely limited. They test a narrow spectrum of ability. In China, Japan and Korea they cram kids for the tests. The suicide rates soar. Childhood is destroyed.

In Britain our education has been so much better. It is more rounded, creative and child centred. We teach for creativity, lateral thinking and social responsibility. We teach skills, raise self-esteem and encourage qualities.

Knowledge is a small part of good education and certainly not the be-all and end-all.

Education should be FUN.

Now we have moved to statistics, check-lists, targets, league tables, exam tables and Maths and English being all that matters. Art and Music have been relegated to optional extras of little value.

We are churning out robots in pursuit of a silly PISA table place.

I say to hell with PISA – let’s teach children not statistics.

Ofsted can go stuff itself!!  The Tory nightmare of education is making our schools into factories and our kids into automatons!