Ian Dury – You’ll See Glimpses – Ian’s vision of utopia. Let’s hope we can make it come true.

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Poetic genius with complete disregard for decorum or audience. Ian wrote what he wanted and created the most outrageous, delightful and extreme lyrics.

He couldn’t really sing but was perfect to front the blockheads. He was colourful, extraordinary and an individual. Combining vaudeville clowning and zany props he created a live act that was unique. Nobody else pulled scarves out of their mouth, blew whistles and devested themselves of articles of clothing quite like Ian. He was a one off.

This song is a vision of utopia. It’s a bit tongue in cheek but none the less conveys a great deal of truth and beauty. I’d like to live in that world. It’s a million miles from Punk and yet, somehow, has all that Punk attitude. It’s delivered in a way that only Ian could pull off. A gem.

He took the energy of Punk, sensitivity and taste of an artist, playfulness of a poet and created something completely different. We miss you Ian!

You’ll See Glimpses – Ian Dury

You’ll see.

They think I’m off my crust as I creep about the caff.
But I’m really getting ready to surprise them all,
Because I’m busy sorting out the problems of the world.
And when I reveal all I may get a crinkly mouth.
I’ve given my all to the task at hand unstintingly.
When it’s all over I’ll rest on my laurels.

Here for a moment is a glimpse of my plan:
All the kids will be happy learning things.
The wind will smell of wild flowers.
Nobody will whack each other about with nasty things.
All the room in the world.

They take me for a mug because I smile.
They think I’m too out of tune to mind being patronised.
All in all, it’s been another phase in my chosen career,
And when my secrets are out they’ll bite their silly tongues.
All I want for my birthday is another birthday.
When skies are blue we all feel the benefit.

Glimpse Number 2 for the listener.
Everyone will feel useful in lovely ways.
Trees will be firmly rooted in town and country.
Illness and despair will be dispensed with.
All the room in the world.

They ask me if I’ve had the voices yet.
They don’t think I know any true answers.
It’s true that I haven’t quite finished yet.
When it all comes out in the wash they’ll eat their words.
I’ve got all their names and addresses.
Later on I’ll write them each a thank-you letter.

Before I stop, here’s a last glimpse into the general future.
Home rule will exist in each home, forever.
Every living thing will be another friend.
This wonderful state of affairs will last for always.

This has been got out by a friend.

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