The Sixties and why they were so important!


The sixties was a watershed. Those young people born in the wake of the Second World War with all its death, austerity and destruction were brought up in a drab world of rationing, poverty and greyness.

Somehow they lost their respect for the older generation and their ‘wisdom’.

We were young, free and wanted something more out of life. We did not want more of the same.

Before the war the establishment controlled things. The class system was entrenched and everyone knew their place. Perhaps it was the TV that opened things up. Everyone could see how the other half lived. It was not fair or just.

Kerouac and the Beat generation had revealed a world of kicks, fun and meaning. It seemed a lot more appealing than the vision of a career, boredom, and cleaning the car in suburbia.

I looked at my old man who life was commuting, working and collapsing. He had no fun. I wanted something more. I looked at his boring grey suit and I wanted colour. I looked at the lip-service and hypocrisy of religion and I wanted some meaning to life. I looked at their boring, empty life and I wanted excitement.

That’s what I found in London in the sixties. To stay up all night discussing every aspect of life, infinity and the universe. To discuss politics, revolution, black power, civil rights, equality and freedom. It was alive!

To go to see bands, play music and feel the vibe, hear the message, and be awakened!

We were changing the world and we knew it. We were riding a great zeitgeist of change that was blowing everything before it.

We were bringing in a new age of freedom, fun, meaning, thought, colour, music and equality that was going to blow away the old ethos of class, inequality, greed, selfishness and war.

We thought we could be universal – peace, love and happiness.

Unfortunately the establishment rallied, bought up the shares and sold us our revolution. They took over the music, fashion and even the ethos and pedalled it back to us. We were bought and sold while our own Rock Star heroes bought in to the establishment and became part of the problem.

Still – Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Civil Rights, Women’s lib and a host of other liberalising ideas came out of it.

The world’s more colourful but the greed, selfishness, elitism and belligerence still rule.

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6 thoughts on “The Sixties and why they were so important!

  1. Hey Opher, great post! You know what you said is too true. Our hero’s bought into the system we were rebelling against. My own brother, got caught shoplifting, and was given the choice. 30 days in jail or join the service. I would have gone to jail! Thanks for this post, it goes well with the Woodstock music I put up last night. POWER TO THE PEOPLE _ RIGHT ON.

  2. I think our parent’s generation lived through a terrifying war with so much bombing. And then they had to work so hard to get through the fifties. I think I am only beginning to understand now! But now we are becoming more aware of how the economy can control our lives. I wish more would wake up to the never ending exploitation of our planet and the impoverishment that happens. I like your ideas so will Definitely check on Amazon.

    1. Yes. And their parents lived through the equally traumatic First World War. The first half of the century was fraught.
      I feel lucky to have lived through a great period of time with freedom to travel, freedom of thought and great optimism and idealism. It was a time of peace and properity.
      The sad thing is the destruction of the planet that is taking place before our eyes. That is the big battle of the moment.
      Thanks for your comments and support.
      I hope you enjoy the books!
      Best wishes – Opher

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