Anthropocene Apocalypse – The Tiger – Chinese quackery.

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The tiger is a magnificent beast. It is a formidable killer, a beautifully stream-lined killing machine. Evolution has honed it into a cold, calculated hunter, a biological specimen of speed and strength that is irresistible. It comes like a ton of muscle, sinew, tooth and claw with jaws that can crush your skull and claws that can rip out your entrails with one slash.

That is its problem. People do not like being eaten.

In the natural world the balance of nature is maintained by the delicate interactions of carnivores, herbivores and plants. If there are too many herbivores the vegetation is eaten down and the land becomes arid desert (such as overgrazing in the Sahara). The carnivores keep the numbers down. It is in equilibrium.

Mankind has systematically targeted any animal that threatens him. It is natural instinct. Unfortunately our numbers are now so out of control that we are encroaching into every corner of the world, chopping down the tress, destroying the habitat and butchering the animals.

We are not leaving any room for the rest of the animals. In the last thirty years the mammals population of the world has been reduced by 56%. That is staggering. If that is allowed to continue we will destroy every last wild animal.

The few tigers left are being conserved. Unfortunately they are being poached. They are used in quack Chinese medicine. This is in the mistaken belief that a bit of powdered tiger bone will increase a man’s virility and libido. Tiger penises are also in big demand for the same reason. This is utter bollocks.

This is ironic as the last thing we need is more human virility. There’s too many of us by far.

I suggest that the only demand for tiger penises should come from female tigers.

I suggest we put aside 50% of the planet for the wild-life and protect their habitat. 50% of the world should be plenty for us!

I do not want to see pictures like this:



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  1. Thanks for your comment Akhiz. My aim is to raise awareness of what is going on around the world. Something needs to be done about it but that can only come from governments acting on pressure from enough people. We can put it right if enough people care.

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