Ambitions of a writer.


I’ve been writing now for forty five years. I have written forty seven books. I have great drive and ambition.

Unlike many of my fellow writers I do not desire to become extremely rich and famous. That is not why I write.

I write to achieve a number of aims:

a. I enjoy writing as much as I do reading (and I adore reading)

b. I find my head clogged up with ideas, thoughts and views that I need to get down in a creative form. I am driven.

c. I think creativity gives a purpose to life. The world is a beautiful place and I want to write about all the great things that have seen, felt, experienced and done.

d. There are terrible things going on around the world – environmental catastrophe, population explosion, war, exploitation, inequality, greed, selfishness, religious fanaticism, political extremism. I write to raise awareness and help to make the world a better place. We have to address these issues. I have tried to do my bit. I believe the world is being controlled and directed by a small group of billionaires who manipulate markets, control politicians and deliberately create the inequality in order to exploit it for their own ends. That needs exposing.

e. I enjoy making up stories.

f. Writing is an art-form and I want to become good at it.

g. I find it cathartic and fulfilling. I love argument and debate! Strangely I am not always right even when I think I am!

h. I believe that we all contribute to the mental and emotional climate of the world. We can create a positive zeitgeist. We can make the world a better place.

I. I do want an audience for my work. It is great when people read the things I have written.

My writing is extremely varied. I write books on Education, Science Fiction novels, Rock Music, the Environment, Poetry, Art and Philosophy, Beat/Punk novels, Antitheism, Memoire, EroticĀ and Experimental.

I love it. I write what I feel. I write what I like. I try to be completely open honest and candid. There are no taboos. That is what writing is about for me. I put myself into everything I do.

Right now I am rewriting all those books I have written over the years. I am retired now so I have the time to do that. I have been putting them out on Amazon as I complete them. Shortly I will try to promote them. I will also start to look for publishers. Self publishing is an interim stage. I would really appreciate people purchasing books and giving reviews on Amazon. That would help greatly in my journey to get all my books properly published.

Thanks for all your interest, support and help. I value your views.

I’d like to hear what you think!