Vive Charlie Hebdo!! Vive La Liberte!!

Long live Justice, Freedom, Tolerance and Democracy.

Praise to those brave people who stand up for freedom of speech!

Shame on those bombing innocent people in mosques!

Shame on the racists ready to jump on the bandwagon and blame all Muslims, immigrants and foreigners!

Shame on those who use the fanatics as an excuse to brand the innocent!

Respect to all those killed by the lunatic Jihadists.

Condolences to the families and friends of those killed standing up for freedom.

Shame on those who promote the idea of blasphemy.

Shame on those rabid inhuman fools who barbarically killed the mentally ill man in Pakistan who thought he was the prophet!

Shame upon the copy-cat religious nut-cases who think it is alright to kill innocent people.

Shame upon all those who could possibly believe that walking callously up to an injured police officer and shooting him in the head could ever be justified by any god.

Freedom, tolerance, equality and democracy have to be fought for. We cannot allow the fanatics or racists to win!

You kill ignorance and fascism through education! Violence is never an answer!