The Taliban & religious fanaticism.

Through history we find religions of all persuasions guilty of the most barbaric acts. In Britain the fundamental Christians at the time of Thomas Cromwell were well versed in routinely using the most gruesome torture to gain confessions. Catholics were regularly burnt to death at Smithfield market.

We have seen pressing, crucifixion, impalement, starvation and exposure in metal cages and stoning used to punish the unbelievers.

The insane fundamentalists believe they have a God-given right to inflict their views on the whole world. It has led to jihads, crusades, holocausts, pogroms, witch-hunts and ritual slaughter. Trainloads of mutilated corpses went both ways following India’s partition. The Jews believe they have a right to steal land and homes. We regularly are digging up mass graves in Bosnia, Sarajevo, and Syria………..

Is there no end to the barbaric practices of believers?

The latest brand of fundamental madness can be seen in the Islamic monsters who give full vent to their primitive, callous, uncaring viciousness. Yesterday they butchered defenceless children with Kalashnikovs. They planned it coldly and put the plan into practice without mercy or remorse. Yesterday they deliberately burnt a teacher to death in front of their class. None of this was done on the spur of the moment. It was carefully planned out with meticulous detail. This was premeditated murder. I think we can safely say that all the people involved in that planning were not actually involved in carrying it out. They do not seem to have the same thirst for the fictitious paradise they are quite happy to send their brain-washed disciples off to. They were watching from afar.

Seemingly the followers of the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Shabaab, Al-Quaeda, Boko Haram and the rest all feel that they are carrying out god’s will. For some reason they think it is OK to burn someone alive, murder children, torture children, blow up schools, subordinate women, slaughter anyone who believes something different, blow up innocent people in Mosques, train stations and planes, and fly planes into buildings.

Only insane or heavily brain-washed people feel that any god would condone such inhuman behaviour.

Yet these murderous sub-humans are attracting in huge numbers of people from civilised countries. What is it in human nature that turns pleasant people into cold-blooded monsters?

Something is very wrong with Islam.

It is time for all civilised people to stand up against these psychotic murderers.