Extract from Opher’s new book – Opher’s Art and outpourings. pt4


Cosmological Eye for Miller – 1975

I loved Henry Miller’s work. There was a page of writing in the Tropic of Capricorn that I thought was the best piece of writing I have ever read. I read the book recently and could not find it. Maybe someone has rewritten it?

My Cosmological eye sees everything.

The whole world is full of marvels and I want to devour them

Yet everywhere has become a tourist theme-park. They are tarting up their monuments, dusting down their gorges, polishing their mountain-tops and preening their produce. It’s all in aid of the tourist buck.

I discovered that China is still constructing its ancient sites! Every wonder, natural or man-made, teems with throngs of clicking photographers. I find I’m one of them.

The only way for the tigers to exist is to become a starring role in the spectacle of financial exploitation. They will survive as long as they pull in an audience and more bucks than their bones would fetch.

My Cosmological Eye is more than a physical viewer of reality. It sees wonder and reality.

The universe is a storm of energy that we only glimpse with our five senses.

The Cosmological Eye is a Black Hole that sucks the mystical unseens into its maw. This is the organ that sees X-Rays, magnetic fields, gravity, Alpha and Beta radiation and Ultra Violet. The Higgs-Boson is no stranger.

It sees a picture that is multidimensional through the anaemic version with which we are so familiar. It sees the desperation of faith, the futility of belief, the despair of prayer and horror of indoctrination.

There is no lie in the Cosmic Eye. You get what is there; not what we wish was there.

Temples, Mosques, Pyramids, Henges, Cathedrals – all the indoctrination machines of the past and present. The Cosmic Eye sees them for what they are.