Sex!!! Part 8 – Sex in the modern world!

There is nothing wrong with sex! Sex is good. Sex is fun. Sex is natural.

Sex is also complicated and requires a great deal of responsibility.

It is important to use good contraception in order to avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

It is also important to realise the social implications. If you are in a relationship then having casual sex with someone else will create problems of trust.

In the past there were religious taboos. These were there from a number of reasons
a. They restrained female sexuality because females were capable of so much more than males (the ultimate in this misogyny can be seen with the mutilation of female genitalia in female circumcision)
b. They protected families and the upbringing of babies
c. The reduced sexually transmitted disease.
d. They reinforced religious values.

The end result of all this was misery.

We now have contraception and disease control so that we can indulge in the pleasant pleasures of sex without fear. Sex has come out of the closet where it was locked up with guilt, inhibition and misogyny. It can be enjoyed responsibly without creating a population explosion.

Let’s put an end to the misery of bastards, abortions, forced adoption, repression, guilt and ostracisation created by religious fanatics.

There’s a new age of responsible sex. We can have great relationships, satisfying sex and nurturing families where children prosper. It requires commitment, responsibility and care and respect for your partner.

The sad thing that has come out of all this religious repression and guilt is this association of sex with something dirty and painful. Sado-masochism has no place in sex. Sex is neither dirty of painful.

We can have uninhibited, responsible, fun sex that builts positive relationships.

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