Sex!! Part 3 – Sex on land

When fish moved on land they had lots of problems. One was the common cloaca and the other was sex.

The common cloaca works in water but is not good on land. It is not good having faeces and urine in your vagina or urethra. It causes infections. Bacteria invade your tubing!
Evolution worked to separate the tubing so that there are still separate openings for faeces, urine and eggs but they are still closely bound together hence there is still contamination and infection. This is because we have evolved and not been created.

If there was a god who designed a system so poor as this then he was either incompetent, rather unpleasant or had a terrible sense of humour. Who else would put a sewer through the playground?

The first land fish (amphibians) had to go back to the water to breed.

The later land animals (Reptiles, Birds and Mammals) evolved to reproduce on land. They developed vaginas, penises and uteruses.
The male squirted the sperm into the females body so that they could swim to the eggs through her body fluids. Problem solved. The foetus could then either be laid in a protective egg or develop internally in the female.

It enabled the successful colonisation of land!

This is the result of human sex – loads of babies – overpopulation and destruction of the natural resources!

Or perhaps you like the religious inhibition of sex?

Perhaps you’d like a novel about the stupidity of religion?