Anthropocene Apocalypse – The massacre started with Agriculture!

Back in the distant past we were all nomadic hunter gatherers. We roamed through the jungles, savannahs, deserts, forests and plains following the herds and living off the land. We respected nature, felt part of it and attempted to live in harmony with it. We blessed it because it fed and clothed us. The ethos of the hunter gatherer, such as the American plains Indian, was to move through the land without leaving a mark.

When we turned to agriculture nature suddenly became the enemy and was no longer the host. It was something to be fought and defeated. We tamed it, ravaged it and laid it waste. The wild beasts threatened our crops, our live-stock and our lives. They had to be destroyed. We needed space to grow our food and took it from the land. As our numbers grew out of balance with nature we took more than could be sustained.

Now our numbers and greed threaten the survival of all living things on this planet.

What can be done?  We can start by altering the zeitgeist!

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It could be the start of something big! Let’s make a start!