To me writing is an expression of what you feel, your thoughts, emotions, ideas and passions. It can tell stories, paint pictures in words, be informative, inspire people, raise awareness and activate social, environmental or political reasoning.

I do all that. My only aim is to be real – to tell it exactly as it is in my head. I do not make to much attention to audience. My work can often be offensive, quirky, extreme and even pornographic but what is important to me is that it is never pretentious. I’m never pretending to be anything other than what I am, see or feel. When I tell my stories I try to tell it how it is through the sieve of my eyes and neurones.

I believe in the power of communication to create immense enjoyment, to raise consciousness and transform the world.

I have written 45 books on a wide range of subjects. I am now rewriting these to put out on Amazon. They range from Sci-fi and mainstream novels to books on Rock Music, the environment and Antitheism. It is quite a task to get these to a standard.

Writing is a great pleasure to me. I enjoy it more than reading. It drives me. I do believe we all contribute to the Zeitgeist of the day. I try to make that a positive force to change the world for the better.

Hopefully there will be books of mine that you would find enjoyable, stimulating, thought-provoking, fun and fulfilling. You can find a range of them on Amazon under Opher Goodwin. Why not check them out?

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