Have the Celebrity Sex cases become the new McCarthy Witch-hunts?

It seems to me that in the wake of the terrible revelations about Jimmy Saville and his horrendous predatory pedophilia that the establishment in the shape of police, courts and press are having a witch-hunt against celebrities.

As we have seen in Rotherham, police have received detailed information about paedophiles abusing young girls and seemingly taken no action. They have supposedly caught adult males in bed abusing young girls and not prosecuted them. There are 1400 cases of abuse – yet no action!

Yet acting on flimsy evidence they pursue cases against Cliff Richard, Dave Lee Travis, Roy Harper and a host of others with absolute draconian force.

What is going on here?

Is this the Establishment seizing an opportunity to have a go at dissident voices, permissive values or high-profile celebrities? What are they up to? Whatever it is they seem to be doing it with great glee.

Is there one rule for one and one for another? Where’s the fairness?

Is the terrible unfair aftermath of the appalling Mr Saville?

Are we seeing a modern-day witch-hunt similar to the McCarthy era in America?

I personally think it is about time we got things in proportion!