Zeitgeist is the way forward.

There are times when we become aware that we are in an enormous society directed by people with power. We feel powerless to influence it or change its direction. We feel helpless.

All around us society is  engaged in destructive behaviour – an insane rush for growth, the selfish acquisition of wealth and power, the destruction of the environment, pollution, religious conflict, war, and exploitation of other people. The resulting hatred and poverty engulfs us all. It seems futile to resist all this as we have no influence.

I do not believe that. I believe all creative people should be involved in putting out an alternative positive vibe. I do not think this is religious or spiritual; I believe that there is a process of the brain that creates a zeitgeist that we live in.

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2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist is the way forward.

  1. I believe the zeitgeist is created by the psychology of masses of people. There is much that remains to be understood about the way the brain operates, the mind exerts its influence and the social psychology of large groups of individuals.
    You may call it spiritual if you wish. I see it as psychology.
    We can influence the mood of others and create a positive force for good. I believe we can create a world of fairness, justice and freedom.
    We all contribute to the zeitgeist we are part of.

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